Brewing New Styles: Brut IPA

Here at Moss Mill Brewing we’re always searching for something new and fun to brew. So when we heard about a new style becoming popular on the west coast we knew we had to jump on it.

Brut IPA is a style of IPA that’s aroma forward with champagne characteristics. It utilizes a special enzyme (amylase) to break down all of the complex sugar in the wort so that the yeast can fully metabolize it, giving the beer a super dry mouthfeel. Because it’s already got that backend dry characteristic bittering hops typical of a west coast IPA would be overkill on the palate. Instead this style leans on the east coast hop style—fruity, floral, or citrus. It’s color should be light golden due to exclusive use of base malts and lack of specialty malts. Finally the beer is crash and filtered to almost perfect clarity to enhance its effervescence. 


When we designed PA BRUT we wanted to be true to this style’s guidelines. As such, Nick started with this recipe created by Kim Sturdavant. We adapted the basemalts to include what we traditionally use in house, including the addition of Marris Otter, to update the flavor profile and enhance the beer’s backbone. We chose to not include our standard bittering hop and switch to Cascade, a lower alpha acid hop, to allow the malt and the beer’s residual dryness to shine through.  Finally we dry-hopped with Lemondrop, the perfect aroma-forward option to complement this style.

bubbling fermenter

With it’s final gravity ending at almost 1.0 and its ABV of 7.4% we know that all the residual sugars have been converted. We then fined it to ensure all the residual hops and yeast were removed, ensuring it was crystal-clear.


Yesterday we received federal approval on the label, you can check it out below:


Next week we’re scheduled to keg, and we’re canning the week thereafter. Release is planned for 5/17 at 4pm. Release party details are below & you can always check out our calendar of events here

  • 3 Crowlers/person limit - 250 Crowlers total
  • $15 each
  • Big Guys Hot Dog will be on-site for food
  • Greg McGarvey will be providing entertainment
  • Brewery opens at 3pm