Embracing the culture of choice

There are over 5,300 breweries open right now across the US, 98% of which are considered craft (by the BA’s definition). One of the biggest differentiators between craft and macro (besides size and ownership) and one of the reasons the market can sustain so many places, is the amount of variety in the beer craft breweries produce. Instead of just producing lagers, craft breweries specialize in many different styles from many different regions. Things like IPAs, stouts, wheats, and sours. There’s actually almost too much variety in styles to place them into defined buckets—at least we’d like to think so.

Popular styles of craft beer produced today are very much driven by the people who consume them. One of the main reasons there is so much variety is due to millennials and Gen Xers. They make up half of the total 21+ population, but consume more than 80% of the craft beer.

These 2 groups tastes are notoriously fickle, often requiring variety, sustainability, innovation, and uniqueness in order for them to gravitate to your styles. 

This fickleness actually leads them to try many different styles of beer, and to have very little brand loyalty. The average millennial consumes over 5 different brands per month, with 15% trying over 10 different brands. As a brewery, while this trend leads to many different people trying your beer, it also makes it difficult to gain repeat customers. The only way to stay ahead of this trend is to keep innovating, keep producing new styles, and always be trying new flavor combinations.

We firmly believe in this culture of choice and are embracing the idea of variety. It's one of the main reasons we plan on having so few core beers and doing so many collaborations. We think that by joining forces with others in the industry and with the community, we can stay ahead of the changing taste trends and hopefully gain traction. While we know we that customers like you are still going to drink 5 brands/month, we'd like to consistently be one of those 5.

Think you have a great idea for what collaboration beer we should be brewing next? Leave us a comment here.

Evann Rodgers