Construction Update 3

We're almost done with construction of both the brew house and the tasting room. The walls are up, the cold boxes are built, and the brewing equipment is all in place. We picked up the last of the tasting room furnishings (including a bunch of used chairs from Subway) last weekend. 

We spent last weekend finishing up the bar. It was definitely a collaborative labor of love. Our neighbor and general contractor built the frame and did the woodwork. Our woodworking maker friend and fellow brewer decked out the front with reclaimed pallet wood, and I aged the copper top and poured the epoxy to complete it.


Here's a progression of pictures for the bar's construction. Thanks to everyone for their help.

The  plan is to start brewing this weekend. We’re starting with something easy (MossMill Light) to get the kinks worked out of our system. Once we get beer into the fermenters we’ll be ready to schedule our opening date. It will be soon though, I promise.

Thanks for hanging in there with us through our extended construction period. We’re almost there.

Evann Rodgers