About Us

Who are we?

Moss Mill Brewing Company is a small nanobrewery in Montgomery County. We are collaboration-centric and specialize in producing crowd-sourced beers. Currently just a husband and wife team, we plan on starting small and growing as big as our community will support.

What does this mean?


Craft brewing by nature has always been collaborative. Whether its trading supplies, helping out in a pinch, or going in on a joint beer venture, small craft breweries have always been willing to lend each other a hand. As craft breweries struggle against “big beer” advances, many have suggested that banding together is the only option. We too believe in the “united we stand, divided we fall” mentality, and feel that by sticking together the craft beer community as whole benefits.

The second-half of our promise is really about our brewing style. We specialize in crowd-sourced beer ideas. That’s not to say we don’t have ideas of our own. We just think that if we’re going to build a brewery for the community it should reflect that base. To do this we plan on regularly soliciting feedback on our current beers/operations, and asking for information on what else you would like us to make/do.

Why start a blog?

We needed a longer format to be able to tell our story. While Facebook is great for short form, Twitter can handle pithy quotes, and Instagram can inspire through its imagery, we really needed a platform to connect with you, our community. We think that by starting a blog we’ll be able to have more of an interactive discussion about our ideas, our progress, and about how we can best serve the community we love.

blog definition

What kinds of content will you blog about?

The blog is mainly intended to tell our story. We’re going to try to update it at least twice a month with news on what/how we are doing, our feelings/thoughts about starting a brewery, and information on trends in the craft beer world. We think this will really help us connect with our community on a much deeper level. We really want to make this a platform for community interactions.

You say you want to interact. What’s the best way to do so?

Right on this website for starters. We welcome comments below, or if you don’t want to post something public you can always email us at feedback@mossmillbrewing.com. We hope you’ll connect with us on social media and interact through there. Or you can always meet us in person at events. We’d love to chat about how we’re doing, and of course how you’re doing too.