About Us




Who are we?

A certified independent craft brewing facility, we’ve got 3 rooms: brewhouse, lab/office, and tap room, with capacity for ~40. Our rustic industrial vibe is warm and welcoming. Contrasting textures and natural elements mixed with metals help keep it family friendly.

Our goal is to create collaboration-centric brews with a focus on community input. We're filling our 12 taps with 5 core beers and 7 seasonal/collaborative brews. Our collaborators include not only the local homebrew community and professional connections, but our Collaborator's Club members too.

Our values

  • We are collaboration-centric—everything is founded in partnership
  • We love to partner—with both other breweries and the community-at-large
  • We like to brew outside the lines—guidelines can restrict creativity
  • We are committed to quality—crummy beer is disgusting

Our story

Our story started as a dream 9 years ago in our kitchen. We’ve slowly graduated from the stove top, to the basement, to a dedicated brewing garage, and now fully licensed facility. 

  • Nick has been brewing professionally for 7 years and brings his expertise and wealth of flavor combination knowledge to design our beers.
  • Evann is a marketing guru, who's scientific background is leveraged throughout our QC testing processes.
  • Chase helps sweep the floors whenever possible.

Our Facility



Our Brew System

We're starting with a 1 BBL system combined with 3 BBL tanks. This will allow us to rotate through beers fairly quickly, increasing the variety of beers we'll have on tap. We decided to stick with a Sabco BrewMagic for our system, because of how consistent it is and how well it scales from our previous home system. For tanks we're keeping it old school with cold boxes until we can grow enough to to afford glycol. We're fitted out with 7 fermenters and 3 bright tanks.

Our goal is to keep almost all of our beer in house and build our reputation in our controlled environment. We plan on selling Pints in the tasting room, Crowlers & Growlers to go, and Sixtles for at-home consumption. We will have limited distribution, but are still determining who our partners will be so stay tuned.

Our Tasting Room

Our tasting room has seating for under 40 people. We've got power outlets with USB charging ports around the room and under the bar. The bar was a collaborative effort with our neighbor/contractor framing it out, our woodworking maker friend creating the pallet facade, our family creating the kickrail, and us finishing the top.

Our Brewing System

Our Brewing System

Our Crowler Labels

Our Crowler Labels


Our Lab

Lab buildout is complete. We’ve got incubators, sterile hood, cell counter, and much more. We’re quickly putting processes in place to utilize all of our equipment. Stay tuned for its rollout.