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Moss Mill Brewing Company is a nanobrewery located in Montgomery County, PA. We focus on local flavors and utilize only the highest quality ingredients.

We source all of our ideas locally, welcome community input, and hope to use our facility to continue the community ideal that craft beer was initially founded upon.





About Us

Our brew system

Our brew system


CEO & Head brewer

  • Over 5 years of commercial brewing experience
  • Certified BJCP Judge
  • Cicerone Certified Beer Server
  • I plan to leverage my experience in brewing and quality control to produce the best beers possible

CMO & Co-foundeR

  • Classically trained scientist
  • Over 3 years of marketing experience
  • I plan to use my knowledge to head our yeast management program and commercialization efforts

OUR Mission

We're all about collaboration and community. Whether its partnering with another facility to make a really awesome beer, or getting input from the neighborhood on what you'd like to see next, we're excited to share this journey with you.

We want to be your go-to brewery.  We recognize that today there are many outlets to consume/purchase craft beer, and while many of them make a killer (insert your favorite style) we want to stand out as the ones who craft not only the best beer, but the right beer. That knowledge of what types of beer fits best in our community comes directly from you. As such, we welcome you to the craft brewing family.

Our beer

Is a reflection of our community. With a strong focus on quality, we'll produce our core beers and collaborate with the community to develop unique offerings. Learn more here.

Our values

We put quality first by investing heavily in quality control practices. We test everything from the ingredients to the end product. We know how important having a good beer is in an overcrowded market.

Our story

Moss Mill Brewing Company started 6 years ago in our kitchen. We've slowly graduated from the stove top, to the basement, to a dedicated brewing garage, gaining brewing knowledge and industry experience along the way. All along, we've been brewing what our small circle of friends wanted to drink, and are excited to expand that circle to now include you.