Moss Mill Brewing Company

Who are we?


Our story started as a dream 7 years ago in our kitchen. We’ve slowly graduated from the stove top, to the basement, to a dedicated brewing garage, and now we’re taking the next steps—opening up a licensed facility.

We're all about collaboration and community. We source all of our ideas locally and welcome community input. As we finalize our facility, we’ll be reaching out for your input, ideas on beer, and more.

Our values

  • We are collaboration-centric—everything is founded in partnership
  • We love to partner—with both other breweries and the community-at-large
  • We like to brew outside the lines—guidelines can restrict creativity
  • We are committed to quality—crummy beer is disgusting

Our plans

We’ve got a 3 room facility lined up: brewhouse, lab/office, and tap room. We’re trying to go with a rustic industrial vibe. So you’ll be sure to see lots of exposed metal and reclaimed wood.

We plan on having at least 12 taps, with half of them dedicated to collaborative brews. To fill our taps, we’ll leverage not just industry connections for inspiration, but also tap into the homebrew community.


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